Oakhurst Community Primary School

Our Vision and Values


Our vision is for Oakhurst Community Primary School to: 

  • provide an environment where all children achieve their potential and prosper 
  • provide a rich knowledge-based curriculum  
  • be at the heart of the community 
  • provide a wealth of learning opportunities for our children, our families and our staff 
  • be recognised as a centre of excellence for teaching  
  • learn from, and share our good practice with, the wider educational community  



Our inclusive and nurturing environment promotes our key values of Unity, Courage and Ambition.    

What is Unity?  

Unity is the state of being united or joined as a whole. At Oakhurst we aim to build an environment in which the school community (pupils, staff, parents) works together, celebrating each other’s differences, to become one team. We encourage everyone to work in harmony with one another, accepting and appreciating each other, cooperating on tasks and helping each other out.  Our school is united as a community, and we join together for the benefit of all.   

What is Courage?  

Courage is the ability to face fear.  It takes courage to stand up for what you believe in.  At Oakhurst we build the confidence of our school community, so that they have the courage to try new things, make good decisions, be good citizens, and achieve their potential.  Courage is being able to face difficult situations.  It is having the strength to be the best that we can be.  Courage is doing what we know is the right thing, even when it is very difficult.  Courage is having the strength to persevere when we are finding things challenging.  If we show courage in our learning, we will achieve more.    

What is Ambition? 

Ambition is the desire to do or achieve something. To achieve an ambition there must be hope, purpose, intent, and determination to succeed. Our Oakhurst curriculum is ambitious.  It is based on the acquisition of knowledge and skills which are fundamental to learning and will enable children to be the best versions of themselves.  We are ambitious for ourselves, but also for others. Our ambition gives us purpose and desire to create change in our society and the wider world.  We encourage and nurture the aspirations of our pupils and staff ensuring that everyone can achieve their potential.