Oakhurst Community Primary School

Oakhurst Outdoor Fun

Helping children to discover the joy of outdoor play with our new Oakhurst Outdoor Fun initiative. 

At Oakhurst Community Primary School we believe in the power of outdoor play and exploration.   We have created a safe and exciting environment where children can embrace the elements and have a blast in all weather conditions.  Whether the sun is shining or raindrops are falling theres lots of fun to be had at breaktimes and lunchtimes. 

Creating specific zones which means all children from reception to year 6 can enjoy every area of the playground.  We also have even more equipment to play with and something for everyone.  From scooters and bikes to board games and chalks. 

All Weather Fun!

Rain or shine the children will have a fun filled time.  We encourage children to come prepared for any weather.  So grab your wellies, waterproof coats & trousers and let the fun begin! 

Splashing in puddles!

Puddles are no longer the enemy.  In fact they're an invitations for endless fun! Equipped with their waterproof gear and wellies, children can stomp, jump and splash until their hearts content. 

Safety First

We prioritize safety, our play zones are designed with safety in mind and our brilliant team ensure a secure environment for all children. We understand that rainy weather can be unpredictable, and our team keep a close eye on conditions to ensure the safety of our pupils. 

Benefits of outdoor play

PHysical Activity 

Splashing in puddles, running around, and exploring nature are excellent ways for children to stay active and healthy. 

Creativity & Imagination 

The outdoors is a canvas for imagination.  Children can turn sticks into magic wands, rocks into treasure and puddles into a secret portal to another world!

Social Interaction 

Outdoor play encourages collaboration and teamwork as children explore, play and build together. 


Facing different weather conditions helps chilldren develop resillience and adaptability, important life skills. 


Oakhurst Outdoor fun information evening recording

September 2023

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