Oakhurst Community Primary School


Oakhurst Community Primary School is part a multi academy trust called Grove Learning Trust.  Please click here to visit Grove Learning Trusts Website.  

As an academy that is part of Grove Learning trust Oakhurst Community Primary School has a governing body made up of staff, parents and people from the community which is overseen by the trusts members and directors.  The governing body is called an academy committee at Oakhurst Community Primary School. 

The governors at academy committee level champion and hold the academy leadership team to account for the performance of the academy. They operate as one body, as a committee of the Board of Directors, which is the trust's Governing Body. Each Academy Committee is accountable to the Board of Directors via the Board of Directors’ committees - Resources, Audit and Risk (RAR) and Standards & Performance (S&P). Governors are appointed by the Board of Directors after appropriate elections or recruitment processes that will be run by the relevant academy committee.

Academy Committee Terms of Reference

Who is on our Academy committee

Type of Governor Name End of Term
Head Teacher Lizzie Christopher N/A
Chair of Governors Phil Corcoran 13.12.25
Staff Elected Eve Reynolds 31.08.27
Co-Opted Governor Lucy Vine 04.11.27
Co-Opted Governor Rachel Loxston 10.10.26
Parent Governor Jonathan Howard 04.11.27
Clerk to the Governors Heather Large N/A

Declarations of Interest


oakhurst academy committee members declarations of interest february 2024.pdf

 Academy Committee Attendance

oakhurst governing body attendance 2022 23.pdf

GLT  Scheme of delegation 

glt scheme of delegation.pdf


Important documents

Articles of Association Certificate of Incorporation
Master Funding Agreement Academy Trust Handbook


If you have a question or any feedback for the Governors at Oakhurst School, please contact clerkgovs@oakhurst.swindon.sch.uk

If you would like to contact the Chair of Governors, please email chairgovs@oakhurst.swindon.sch.uk

Annual Governance Statement