Oakhurst Community Primary School

Special Educational Needs

Meet the Inclusion team:

The SEND Oakhurst Offer

Mental Health and Wellbeing 

Mental Health and Wellbeing support for children comprising of: Drawing and Talking Therapy, Emotional Literacy sessions, Lego Therapy and interventions provided through the Inclusion team focusing on social and emotional learning.

Dyslexia Friendly

A Dyslexia friendly learning environment with adjustments made for those pupils who require adapted provision such as; visual over lays, checklists, alternative methods of recording e.g. laptops.

Evidence based interventions

A variety of evidence-based interventions to close the gaps in English and Maths, these include; precision teaching for reading and spelling, number stacks, Read, Write Inc and many more!

Support for Children & Families

A supportive and friendly Inclusion team who are here to support the young person and the family.

My Plan Journals

My Plan Journal sharing sessions for parents of children with SEND. A great opportunity to share the progress with your child, have coffee and cake and meet other parents.

Life Skills Sessions

Life skills sessions – to promote those skills required to prepare your child for adulthood and being out in the community.


how we can support

•Four members of staff trained in Asist for life (Suicide First Aid)

•A well-resourced Sensory room and Therapy room

•A school ethos centred around access for all and providing aspirational outcomes for pupils with SEND

•Breakout areas to support emotional regulation

•Access to outside services such as; Educational Psychologist, Occupational Therapist, Speech and Language Support, Physical Disability Team, Hearing Impairment Team and the Cognition and Learning Team

•Regular ‘Team around the family’ meetings for families and children in need of early intervention

What our parents say about our Mental Health & wellbeing support

Testimonial 1

“In the short time since I have asked for help, the school has made a huge difference to X’s mental health, and the strategies taught are allowing her to have a much more positive outlook towards all areas of her life.  We couldn't be more grateful for this and send huge thanks”.

Testimonial 2

“6 months ago, X was in a bad place suffering with anxiety and OCD to the point she wasn’t leading a normal life. She wouldn’t go to school or her normal clubs that she loved etc. She just wanted to be next to me.

I turned to the school for advice and support, and this has been short of a miracle worker on X.

X has been having sessions with a member of the pastoral team, which has shown X ways to deal with their anxiety and also their OCD. X has taken this on board and is now so much better in their self and their anxiety. They are nearly back to their old self, going to school happy and to clubs and even going over to friends' houses again! And now doesn’t even need these sessions because of how far she has come.

I can’t honestly say how grateful I am to the school for taking the time to help X through this. To see your child, suffer how X was is just the hardest thing ever but the school has worked miracles and I just had to write in to commend the work, the compassion and empathy towards X has been second to none”.

Testimonial 3 

“Thank you for taking the time to listen to my concerns today, firstly without your knowledge I would have never asked the direct questions we needed to ask. By asking those direct questions we have discovered that we have misunderstood his feelings and intentions”.

“I cannot thank you enough for your support and guidance and I'm thankful to you for your training in this field”.

An Assist trained member of staff offered support and advice to a parent concerned about suicide.