SEND at Oakhurst

At Oakhurst Primary we have a non-teaching SENCo who is responsible for the Special Needs provision in the mainstream school. Her name is Miss Laura Manchester and she can be contacted via the school office.

These are the Principles underpinning our philosophy of support;

• That all children can learn and make progress.

• That all teachers are teachers of SEN.

• That a differentiated curriculum is not SEN provision – differentiated learning opportunities should be given to all pupils.

• That provision for a child with SEN should be both ambitious, and carefully matched to their needs and abilities.

• That there should be regular recording of a child’s SEN, of the action that the school is taking, and of the outcomes.

• Provision made for children should be to address an identified need rather than to reflect a  particular condition or ‘label’.

Our Approach at a Glance

For a handy parent and carer guide in relation to SEND at Oakhurst, click here.

See our information reports for details of our provision.
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The Local Authority Local Offer can be found by following this link