Absence from School

Absence through sickness

We have numerous ways of assisting you in reporting your child’s absence from school, due to sickness.

  1.   Contact the school office on 01793 734754 and leave a message with one of our admin staff.
  2.   If you ring the school before 9.00 a.m. on the above number, please leave a message on our absence answerphone – Option 1.
  3.   Send an email to absence@oakhurst.swindon.sch.uk

Holidays in term time

Swindon Borough Council have reviewed their criteria for the issuing of Fixed Penalty Notices for holidays in term time. A decision has been made to review attendance over a 24 week period.  If the number of unauthorised absences during this period means that the attendance is below 89.9% then a Penalty Notice could be issued.  If there are any aggravating circumstances ie repeated holiday in term term, or during exam times then these will also be considered.

Where a child’s attendance records for the preceding 24 weeks are not available, but attendance is at a level that would be 89.9% or below if calculated over 24 weeks in any event, a penalty notice may be issued for a period less than 24 weeks.

The Government’s position on holiday’s in term time has not changed, and holidays can still only be authorised in exceptional circumstances.
The “Request for Absence” form can be found at the end of the Attendance Policy